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The Impact of Workplace Harassment

I have been writing about workplace harassment for decades now. A new report published by AAUW provides a good summary of the impact of harassment on women in the workplace. It is a good read, and provides some insight. The summary of points made provides a peek at the findings:

WORKPLACE SEXUAL HARASSMENT ...threatens women’s mental health and physical safety Psychologists report that sexual harassment can lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Organizational behaviorists link it to an increased risk of long-term physical health problems. ...erodes women’s short- and long-term economic security

In AAUW’s survey of 311 women, 38 percent of women who’d been harassed said it contributed to their decision to leave a job early, and 37 percent said it disrupted their career advancement.

When women decrease their hours or leave their job to avoid a harasser, it reduces their wages and ability to save and build wealth.

Older women who leave a job because of harassment often face ageism on the job market and may consequently retire early, missing out on what might have been their peak earning years.

Women who report harassment risk receiving unjust performance reviews, getting ostracized by coworkers and being denied promotions or raises. ...contributes to the leadership gap According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and AAUW, women who attempt to avoid a harasser can miss out on valuable on-the-job training and mentorship— which are critical in helping women rise into leadership positions

The report is well worth the read to continue to the conversation:

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