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My books are a passion I have for sharing my knowledge about harassment prevention.  I hope you find these resources helpful!  

Preventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World


Now available from SHRM Book Publishing or on Amazon! In this book, I talk about the elements an organization must pay attention to if it seeks to have a culture of respect and eliminate or reduce harassment in the workplace.  I talk about leadership, organizational culture, and all of the systems needed to prevent harassment, including policies, training, investigations, accountability, supervisor development, etc. 

Order the Kindle Version and get it now!

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Investigating Harassment and Discrimination Complaints: 
A Practical Guide

Investigating Harassment and Discrimination Complaints is a hands-on guide for human resource professionals who are called upon to conduct a legally sound investigation into harassment, discrimination, or retaliation complaints. This important manual blends the information investigators need to develop the skills and competencies that are critical to successfully investigating harassment and discrimination complaints with a proven framework for undertaking the investigation itself. Investigating Harassment and Discrimination Complaints walks the investigator through the process of conducting a successful investigation and includes information about:

  • The critical legal aspects of conducting an investigation

  • How diversity affects harassment

  • What needs to be in place prior to an investigation

  • Creating a step-by-step plan

  • How to properly document an investigation, and

  • Administering discipline for policy violations and remedies for aggrieved employees

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