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In my youth, I was deathly afraid of public speaking. In my early 20’s, I finally found my voice. I have been talking ever since.  I like to talk about things that I am passionate about.  One of those things, born from two passions of the law and human resources, is to help make our workplaces the best that we can.  The recent cultural shift towards #metoo and #SpeakYourSilence feels like a long time coming for me, as I have been speaking and writing about the issues of harassment and discrimination for decades. I am so glad to have the chorus of voices join me in engaging organizational leaders on this quest for a better workplace.  

I am a native Boisean, home grown with that Idaho streak of independence. With degrees in history, law, and theology, I have worked in law, consulting, and for the Diocese of Boise developing systems and training for protecting children, youth and adults from abusive behavior. I have taught at universities, in classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, training halls and ballrooms. I use my voice for those who cannot speak up, by helping organizations improve their efforts to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination. My focus is on developing and improving organizational culture, leadership, and human resource systems that provide even the most vulnerable employees with a respectful place to work.  And improving the bottom line at the same time. 

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